We specialise in intellectual property (IP) fields of patents, trademarks and designs. Generally throughout the world these IP fields are protected by registrable rights. That is, the rights can be registered with a rights granting authority of that country or region. This is not always the case in other IP fields, for example, copyright.

Our primary objectives are quality and to obtain the broadest scope of protection achievable. In relation at least to patents one of the primary benefits of engaging a patent attorney is to substantially decrease the likelihood of inadvertently obtaining unduly narrow patent protection. Under Australian law patent attorneys (and not lawyers) are also the only persons authorised (under the Patents Act 1990 (Commonwealth)) to draft patent specifications.

The platform for our high quality products and services is provided by our training and experience. It is also that we take pride in delivering these products and services, and ultimately in either securing the best possible protection that we can for our clients in Australia and throughout the world or assisting our clients avoid infringing others’ rights.

We are based in Sydney. Sydney is Australia’s largest city and home to Australia’s largest professional services industry.

Significantly reduced flag-fall charges for more administrative work, for example, filing of local or foreign patent applications corresponding respectively to foreign or local originating patent applications.

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