An example of achieving our objectives of quality and breadth of protection is securing patent grant for very broad protection that patent examiners have been firmly opposed to. We have also successfully enforced patent rights.

bellator® was founded by Dale Watson in 2007 after working for one of Australia largest and most highly respected law firms. He trained as a patent and trademarks attorney from 1996 to 2000 with a firm that was one of Australia’s top two boutique patent firms. Dale’s in-house training included tutorials run by some of the leading Australian patent attorneys, one of which was a past president of the Institute of Patent and Trademarks Attorneys of Australia (the IPTA).

Dale qualified as a patent and trademarks attorney by passing exams administered by the Professional Standard Board for Patent and Trademarks Attorneys (the PSB) and IPTA. These organisations are no longer directly responsible for qualification of patent and trademark attorneys. The standard of examination under the PSB and IPTA was in our opinion generally regarded within the profession both in Australia and overseas as being of the highest level. Candidates sitting these exams typically had university degrees and often doctorates and the pass rate for these exams was generally very low.

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