Protecting Your Intellectual Property With Patents, Trademarks and IP Protection

Don't Leave Your Intellectual Property Open To IP Theft

Patents, Trademarks and other forms of IP protection give you the legal recourse to seek damages or an account of profits and halt production on businesses that imitate or exploit your designs and inventions.

However, not all Patents and Trademarks provide the same level of protection.

How Some Companies "Get Around" IP Protection

It is possible, with low levels of IP Protection, to "get around" Patent restrictions by slightly altering an original design and leaving out non-essential features.

For this level of Patent, a competitor could simply substitute one feature of an invention for another, without affecting the function of the design, to claim it is their own.

That is why our patent attorneys at bellator provide a deeper level of IP protection for our clients, with broad functional protection.

Protecting The Function Of Your Invention –
Not Just Its Components

Broad functional IP protection goes beyond defining your invention by its specific components.

Instead, it insures your invention against intellectual property theft by defining the function it performs.

This restricts copying of your design, and makes it incredibly difficult for anyone to get around Patent protection by making small alterations.

It also prevents others incorporating your design into their own products or services generally for at least 20 years.

Protect the Functional Advantages of Your Design for 20 Years

bellator specialises in identifying and protecting the functional advantages of your invention. Advantages that our firm can protect against duplication, possibly also protect as a Trade Secret, and license exclusively or otherwise to nearly all regions and countries of the world for you.

Gaining Broad Functional IP Protection is an investment in the future wealth and success of your business enterprise.

However, if your invention gives you no functional advantages in respect to your competitors' products or services, you probably do not require this level of IP Protection.

About bellator Patent Attorneys

Dale Watson founded bellator in 2007 after working for one of Australia's largest and most highly respected law firms.

He was trained as a patent and trademarks attorney from 1996–2000, by some of Australia's leading patent attorneys at one of Australia's top two boutique patent firms.

Under Australian law, patent attorneys are the only persons authorised, under the Patents Act 1990, to draft patent specifications.

Now Watson and his firm at bellator extend their services to you if you have an invention or design you need to protect.